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With your subscription you'll have access to our weekly menus, meal planning tools, and over 1000 recipes. To start you'll choose a meal plan, indicate your family size, and tell us about your goals.

We offer healthy, low carb, and vegetarian meal plans. You can even build your own.

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Kick start your meal plan subscription with these simple steps:

Tell us about your needs

Let us know what meals you need planned. Always eat out on Friday nights? We won't include it. Don't need breakfasts? No problem.

Adjust serving sizes

Got a kid in soccer on Tuesdays and dinner guests on Saturday? Let us know how many servings you need for each meal so the plan perfectly matches your schedule.

Dietary concerns

Choose from our healthy, low carb, vegetarian, or build-your-own meal plans. Add optional calorie and weight loss goals.

2. Customize your meal plan

Spend a few minutes each week adjusting your meal plan. Swap in new recipes, shuffle recipes from one day to another, remove meals you don't need. Or simply use it as suggested, we promise you won't be disappointed!

You can use any of our recipes, or add your own. Choose from over 1000 recipes.

Meal plan customization settings, and drag and drop of a recipe card

3. Get your ingredients

Your meal plan automatically generates a list of all the ingredients you'll need for the week based on your servings sizes and chosen meals. You can take it with you on your phone, print it, or save even more time and send it to your preferred supermarket for delivery.

† We use a third party service that will connect you to local supermarkets that offer delivery.

Meal plan shopping list with grocery delivery options

4. Stress Free Meal Time

Each day, you will have a plan for what to cook, everything you need in the fridge, and an easy set of directions to ensure cooking success! It's time to enjoy dinner time again.

Dad and daughter cooking stress free and having fun.